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Socialism Is Here At Last!

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Socialism triumphant I’ve finally finished posting Francis Tandy’s 1896 individualist anarchist work Voluntary Socialism. Chapter 9 defends the occupancy-and-use theory of land ownership, and criticises the Georgist alternative. Chapter 10 is a critique of intellectual property. Chapter 11 criticises the assumption that workers’ cooperatives would dominate the post-capitalist economy. Chapter 12 takes on the postal monopoly. Chapter 13 defends education over electoral politics and violent revolution as a method of advancing anarchism. Chapter 12 – the most depressing for a present-day anarchist – points to signs that the cultural power of statism is waning (in 1896). Finally, an appendix offers suggestions for future reading.

I’ve also posted a contemporary review by one K. C. Felton (who seems not to have read Tandy’s book very carefully).

Coming soon: more Dyer Lum!

Nomen Omen

Most libertarian name for an insurance company:

Liberty Mutual

Least libertarian name for an insurance company:


Perhaps State Farm should get Special Soviet Mention.

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