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I saw Glenn Beck’s interview with Ron Paul – ick! Beck played super-nice, super-friendly, while at the same time wasting time on internet death threats he’s gotten from Paul supporters (the internet is full of loonies of every stripe – why is this Paul’s problem? I’m sure Paul has gotten death threats from Beck’s ilk as well) and trying to trick Paul into saying he believed in conspiracies (“you say you don’t, but gosh, don’t these people seem deliberately evil?”) and in a 9/11 conspiracy in particular (“and if you deny it, well, I have people who say that’s exactly the lie you’re going to tell, but of course I believe you”). Then he ends by asking Paul if it was a fair interview, so if anyone criticizes him later he can say “see, Paul himself said it was fair.” Beck sounded like an Ayn Rand villain!


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  1. Tracy Saboe December 19, 2007 at 8:56 pm #

    Well. I think we should all thank Glen Beck. I met a person today who’d never heard of Ron Paul untill that interview. And he wanted to buy a sign from me up front and pass out flyiers and a bumper sticker for his car, etc.

    Whether Glen is snarky or not. He’s done us a valuble service.


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