Ice Ice Baby

Marvel Comics' 1979 portrayal of a young Adama (mysteriously white-haired even in youth)Galactica fans: as mentioned previously, a series of out-takes from Razor, next month’s BSG event (they’ll be included on the DVD but not in the televised version), are being made available, one per week I guess, on the BSG website. The first one is now up; go to this page and click “watch flashbacks.” (You may need to turn off your pop-up blocker.)

The clips deal with flashbacks to the first Cylon war and feature Adama as a young rookie pilot – pretty well played by Nico Cortez, who not only looks plausibly enough like a young Adama but, crucially, nails the voice.


The dialogue referencing the Cylons’ “building some kind of superweapon” on a “chunk of ice in the ass-end of nowhere” is perhaps a nod to the original series’ episode “The Gun on Ice Planet Zero.”

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