Archive | October 2, 2007


Jon Stewart just said that all U.S. presidents have been Christians. That would come as a surprise to Jefferson, and probably to Lincoln as well.

The Doctor Is Out

Sarah Wayne Callies If you’ve been watching Prison Break you’ve noticed that Dr. Sara Tancredi has been conspicuous by her absence. Yes, she’s been kidnapped, but so has L.J. and we’ve seen him a few times; but with Sara it’s just been still photos or the back of her head. Supposedly this was because the actress (Sarah Wayne Callies) was on maternity leave, scheduled to return later in the season. But now it looks like the actress is not coming back at all.

So where does this leave her character’s plotline in season 3? My speculation rests on a SPOILER for those who haven’t seen last night’s episode, so I’ll bury it in the comment section.

Revolution in the Streets

My Misesian friends are hailing Ron Paul’s candidacy as the second coming. My agorist friends wouldn’t vote for him at gunpoint. Ron Paul rEVOLutionI’m somewhere in between. But I did get a kick this past week from seeing the clusters of Ron Paul rEVOLution signs that seem to be sprouting up along all the major streets in Auburn. I don’t know who’s been doing it (at least I don’t know them de dicto; I probably know them de re) but it’s fun to see.

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