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Ayn Rand at 100 [cross-posted at Liberty & Power]

My article “Ayn Rand and Indian Philosophy” appeared last year in the anthology Ayn Rand at 100 published by the Liberty Institute in Delhi, India. Unfortunately, the version of my article that was printed was filled with editorial errors – changes that affected my meaning, misattributions of quotations, and so forth. So I’ve put a corrected version online.

(For some thoughtful and judicious commentary on my article from a young Indian Randian with the unassuming name of Ergo, see here. I expect an even more incisive analysis after he actually reads it.)

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2 Responses to Nyaya Ayn

  1. Leia September 7, 2007 at 9:46 pm #

    I’m guessing those last two sentences are wildly sarcastic? Seems overwhelmingly likely but still a bit uncertain, seeing that I’m a new visitor to your blog.

    I admit, I find Indian philosophy fascinating but think Rand’s a twit despite my left-libertarian political sympathies. She never seemed to understand the difference between voluntary, independent-minded sacrifice and sacrifice done because of state coercion or social pressure. I think individual freedom is important precisely because altruism is important–we all should be free because such freedom is required in order for us to act on our consciences.

  2. Soviet Onion September 7, 2007 at 10:10 pm #

    Not to push the issue or anything, but my belated reply to “Let the shrugging commence is about to role off the front page. It concerns the recently release PC game “Bioshock,” which player recognize as having a heavy Randian influence. I thought I should bring that to your attention, since you’re well qualified to asses that judgment.

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