More from the Prez, Less from the Veep

Laura Roslin Galactica fans: if you haven’t checked out the full bonus scene between Roslin and Caprica-6 from yesternight’s BSG (what they aired after the show was just a brief excerpt therefrom), here it is.

In other news, looks like Atlas, if it gets made at all, will be one movie rather than a trilogy. (Conical hat tip to Wally Conger.) Bummer.


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  1. dennis shoup January 29, 2007 at 11:30 pm #

    Instead of doing an Atlas Shrugged movie someone should remake the Fountainhead or We the Living, they would translate much better as films, I think. Too much would have to be cut out of Atlas Shrugged and its key political message would be gutted to make it appear either conservative or “progressive.”

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