Mitigate the Mythologisers! Execrate the Exploiters!

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This is no time to go all Wobbly, George Wish you’d been a fly on the wall at last month’s Molinari Society symposium on “Anarchist Perspectives”?

Well, of course you don’t. A fly’s brain is too small to process the event properly. Plus you might have gotten squished against the wall by a stampeding bewilderment of philosophers.

But in any case, Charles Johnson’s comments on Matt MacKenzie’s and Geoff Plauché’s papers are now online. Gaudete igitur.

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One Response to Mitigate the Mythologisers! Execrate the Exploiters!

  1. Lady Aster February 11, 2007 at 2:29 am #

    Isn’t it more accurate to say a fly’s brain is not *complex* enough to process the event properly?

    – stifled paleontologist remembering her childhood anger at smears against ‘small-brained’ dinosaurs.

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