Feel the Berne

Under the Berne Convention, copyright terms last for 50 years after the death of the author.

But “The Death of the Author” appeared in 1967.

So that means that all Berne copyrights ended forever in 2017. Hurray!

All a Board

Longtime readers of this blog will no doubt be stunned to learn that I’m very fond of San Diego, my old hometown (well, one of my old hometowns).

I’m likewise very fond of this video:

Never Merry When I Hear Sweet Music

It used to be a common practice for soundtracks to play “funny” music in certain scenes to, I guess, let the audience know that something funny was happening.

Some examples: at 1:55-2:08 in this clip from To Have and Have Not (1944); at 1:58-2:22 and 7:01-7:17 of these clips from the original 1960s Star Trek; and at 3:41-3:56 and 4:46-5:17 of these clips, likewise from Star Trek.

This practice has always really annoyed me; for some reason I’ve found it much more distracting than a laugh track, which I’m generally able to tune out. I’m not sure at what point in screen history this stopped being common practice, but I’m very glad it did.

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