Mack the Knife

In my latest YouTube video, I chat with philosopher Eric Mack about walking out on Ayn Rand, clashing with Nazi Sikhs in Seneca Falls, libertarian rights theory, Kantian vs. Aristotelean approaches to fixing Randian ethics, Nozickian polymathy, the unselfishness of Samuel Johnson, the ethics of COVID lockdowns, physical distancing in Durango, the CIA as an argument against anarchism, shoving someone in front of a bus as a form of restitution, and the edibility of matter.

Hemlock in My Coffee

My recent interview with Gary Chartier doesn’t go up on YouTube until next week, but I thought I’d share with you ahead of time one of the interview’s most touching and heartfelt moments:

My recent interview with Gary Chartier doesn't go up on YouTube until next week, but I thought I'd share with you ahead of time one of the interview's most touching and heartfelt moments:

Posted by Roderick Tracy Long on Thursday, September 3, 2020

To Fight … or Write (or, Banned in France!)

In a follow-up to my previous video, I talk about what I forgot to mention in Episode 7 (“Ayn Rand as a Writer”), namely how Ayn Rand’s fiction stands in the tradition of Henrik Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People and Edmond Rostand’s Cyrano de Bergerac. With film clips! (Plus the shocking revelation of my shameful drinking problem!!)

NOTE: Because this video contains (fair-use) clips from the 1950 American film Cyrano de Bergerac (which is public-domain in most of the world), it is apparently blocked in France and a number of smaller Francophone countries, most of them French territories. If you’re in one of those countries, well, you still have options; poke around on YouTube for info about tools for unblocking videos like this one. Bonne chance!

You may be asking: why the jump from Episode 7 to Episode 9? What happened to Episode 8? Well, we have ways of dealing with people who ask such questions.

Facebook LARPs the Palmer Raids

Chris Matthew Sciabarra on the facebook purges.

Chris writes, inter alia: “my good friends Nathan and Jason are among those who are now being characterized as ‘Dangerous Individuals.’ And Jason himself has actually been in my apartment! If only I’d known!”

As I wrote on Chris’s page:

“I can confirm that Jason was present in Chris’s apartment, as I myself was present on the same occasion, and was shocked to witness his violent and destructive behaviour at that time. Several pieces of pizza were horribly destroyed by Jason without apparent compunction. I blush to confess that I was lured into similar destructive activity by his malign influence.”

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