One Response to Song of the Variable Time-Unit # I Dunno

  1. Richard O. Hammer November 12, 2017 at 1:02 am #

    YouTube’s recommendations for me have become a major influence in my life. Scary, I suppose, given the blur between YouTube and the CIA.

    But, living the life I’ve got, YouTube led me to an “Epic Roundtable Discussion on Metaphysics (Sheldrake, Dyson, Dennett etc..)” for which, if this interface allows such, I will insert the URL here:

    Since watching that 3.5 hour discussion twice, first in January of this year, I’ve been a fan of Stephen Toulmin. I’ve worked through four of his books, now reading my fifth and sixth of that set.

    I’m coming closer, Roderick, to understanding things you said over 20 years ago. Of course I still miss the points you are currently making.

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