Don’t Tell Anyone About This, Because If You Do, You’ll Get Them Killed

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I’ve previously mentioned media critic Phil Sandifer, who since early 2011 has been blogging his way through every episode of Doctor Who (plus related phenomena) from 1963 to the present. (The reference to a “psychochronograph” in the recent Doctor Who episode “Hide” was a shout-out to Phil’s blog, which until recently was titled “TARDIS Eruditorum: A Psychochronography in Blue.”) He’s also been reworking the posts into chapters of a book series, the first three volumes of which (on the First, Second, and Third Doctors) have been published – though you might want to hold off on buying the first one, since a revised edition will be available soon.

For the last ten months Phil’s been valiantly slogging through the vast interregnum of novels, audioplays, and spinoffs (in other words, stuff I have no familiarity with) between the end of the classic series in 1989 and its revival in 2005. Now he has finally gotten to “Rose,” the first episode of the revived series, and has revamped the website for the occasion. Here’s the entry on “Rose.” Go read it! And here’s some background on “Rose.” Go read that too.

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