Archive | May 6, 2013

Molinari Unbound! – Deuxième Soirée

Gary’s response to my Molinari essay has been posted. His question: if Molinari’s labour-exchanges were a less than satisfactory way to redress the imbalance of power between labour and capital, what might be done instead?

Cybermen Go Home

I haven’t seen anyone commenting on the fact that “Nightmare in Silver,” the title of Doctor Who’s upcoming Cybermen episode scripted by Neil Gaiman, appears to be a nod to the titles of six short stories – “Nightmare in Gray,” “Nightmare in Green,” “Nightmare in White,” “Nightmare in Blue,” “Nightmare in Yellow,” and “Nightmare in Red” – in Nightmares and Geezenstacks (collected here) by the incomparable Fredric Brown (of whose work Gaiman is known to be a fan).

So I hereby comment on it.

FWIW, other admirers of Brown’s work include Ayn Rand, Mickey Spillane, Robert Heinlein, and Philip K. Dick.

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