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An Aegis Very Essential

I’m ambivalent about this. One the one hand, it’s a Marvel comics series starring Agent Coulson. On the other hand, it’s glorifying the very sorts of organisations that are horribly evil and destructive in real life; and the scene where Coulson appears to be renditioning an internet rebel does not exactly warm my heart.

I’ll watch it, of course. But I wish they’d run the storyline from the comics where SHIELD turns out to have been a front for HYDRA all along.

Cordial and Sanguine, Part 53: The Mind Cannot Foresee Its Own Eternal Recurrence

Glasses, moustache, German accent – case closed!

Glasses, moustache, German accent – case closed!

When you see the words “spontaneous order,” do you just naturally think “will to power”? When you flip through Prices and Production or The Pure Theory of Capital, do you hear the clarion call of the Übermensch?

You’re not alone. Corey Robin, too, has divined the hidden connection between Hayek and Nietzsche that more timid minds have missed.

But Kevin Vallier just won’t see the light. I guess Corey Robin didn’t send Kevin a hit of whatever he’s been using. Share the good stuff, Corey! Remember the gift-giving virtue!

Molinari Unbound! – Sixième Soirée

Another set of responses in the Molinarifest has been posted. This batch of four includes an exchange between David Friedman and Gary Chartier on the merits of labortarianism. More to follow in a few days (including replies by me and the other anarchists to Matt Zwolinski, and a digression by me about Proudhon and Bellegarrigue).

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