One Response to Cordial and Sanguine, Part 23: War Among the Bleeding Hearts Further Continued

  1. dL April 7, 2012 at 4:27 am #

    Friedman’s critique that the originalist position is divorced from the utilitarianism of classical liberalism is not quite accurate since John Harsanyi’s formulation is a straight-forward max(utilitarian)one. The Rawls-Harsanyi differences regarding the VOI demonstrated that the VOI lacked a normative risk aversion model(Rawls is infinite risk aversion; Harsanyi zero risk aversion). This problem in part is what led Rawls to eventually try to justify the principles of justice in terms of “Public Reason.”

    Frankly, I think any claim that Public Reason is a “gold standard” of social justice is pretty thin and dubious.

    My take: “The Social Justice of a Police State”

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