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McDuffie at his desk

I’ve blogged before about the late Dwayne McDuffie, a leading voice for African-American writers, artists, and characters in contemporary comics. Go read it, then come back.

What is evidently McDuffie’s final work, the direct-to-dvd animated film Justice League: Doom, has just been released (a follow-up to his earlier, likewise excellent Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths). It’s terrific, of course; but the 2-disc version comes with a great bonus: a fascinating documentary on McDuffie’s life.

You don’t have to buy the dvd to watch the documentary, though; here it is in three parts:

Cordial and Sanguine, Part 28: Groundpounders at War

This land is your land

this land is my land

looks like one of us

has a fake deed to this land
— Dave Barry (?)

This is a fertile land, and we will thrive.
We will rule over all this land,
and we will call it … ‘This Land.’ — Wash

In addition to the Cato Unbound symposium on bleeding-heart libertarianism, there’s also a symposium on land rights going on over at the actual Bleeding Heart Libertarians site. So far there’ve been contributions by Eric Mack, Hillel Steiner, David Schmidtz, Fred Foldvary, Zachary Gochenour, and now your humble correspondent.

And there’s more to follow, including an upcoming contribution from our own Kevin Carson.

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