Cops vs. Law and Order

On the west coast, cops commit war crimes.

On the east coast, cops admit that corruption is a perk of their jobs, and get all indignant about being prosecuted.

Maybe we should start using the slogan “no special rights for cops.” (Of course, applied consistently that would make them not cops anymore. Which is fine with me.)

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One Response to Cops vs. Law and Order

  1. Kevin Carson October 31, 2011 at 1:55 am #

    Or if they were cops, they’d be the kind originally envisioned when professional police forces were created: people who get paid a wage to exercise the same powers of posse comitatus as ordinary citizens, with no additional status-based authority. I’ve got no problem with a force of people paid by voluntarily associated members of a community to come to the aid of their neighbors in trouble.

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