Archive | October 5, 2011

Better Holmes and Gardens

And speaking of posters, here’s one for series 2 of Sherlock (due in January). Click for enhanced magnitude!

Sherlock series 2 poster

I’m sorry to hear that the cases are “unsolvable” this time. Bit of a change from last series.

Atlas Shrunk, Part 8: Cover Story

I see that the dvd for the Atlas Shrugged movie is actually being advertised with an attractive and intriguing poster. See it in high detail here.

A pity that the poster for the movie wasn’t more like this. Frankly, the movie poster doesn’t even look like a movie poster; it looks more like some sort of generic announcement.

Atlas posters, good and bad

Unfortunately, it’s not clear that the new poster represents the actual dvd cover. Certainly it ain’t the special edition cover.

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