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11th = 10th and 9th

9-11 lights

Today is the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. I have nothing much new to say, but you can check out what I wrote in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 (plus a follow-up), and 2008. And this year there’s excellent commentary from Darian Worden, Sheldon Richman, Tom Knapp, David D’Amato, and Jason Kuznicki.

On a cheerier note, today is also the ninth anniversary of the Molinari Institute – which has been a tremendous success. That success is due almost entirely to the Center for a Stateless Society division of the Institute (and thus due almost entirely to people who aren’t me), which has been placing market anarchist editorials every week in periodicals around the world (including some of the pieces linked to above). À bas l’état!

It’s also the ninth anniversary of this blog, which has likewise been a greater success than I anticipated. Thanks all!

De Spectaculis

I laughed when Nero’s minions sent
fire-tortured souls to the sky.
Without the walls of Pilate’s halls,
I shouted “Crucify!”

I roared my glee to the sullen sea
where Abel’s blood was shed.
My jeer was loud in the gory crowd
that stoned St. Stephen dead.

— Robert E. Howard

Even if the death penalty were morally legitimate (and I think it isn’t), and even if we could be justifiably confident that every one of those 234 executed prisoners was actually guilty of the crimes for which they were sentenced (and I think we can’t), it would still be grotesque to react to those executions with cheers and applause, as the audience did at this week’s Republican debate. Surely a mood of solemnity and regret would be more appropriate. These Republicans howling and hooting over executions are the kind who formerly reveled in seeing Christians thrown to the lions. The fact that they now have the effrontery to call themselves Christians only adds insult to injury (literally).

You Give New Meaning to Self-Loathing

MASTER: Ah, Doctor! Look at us! Two brilliant minds! We make such a great team together! Why did it have to sour so badly? What set us so far apart?

DOCTOR: You went mad, remember?

MASTER: Oh yes! That’s right.


If you’re a Doctor Who fan – and in particular if you’re a fan not just of the revived 2005 version but of the original classic series as well (because otherwise you’re not going to get a lot of the references) – then I highly recommend Rich Morris’s fan comic The Ten Doctors, which brings together the Doctor’s first ten incarnations (as well as just about every supporting character you can think of) and does a very nice job of capturing the distinctive voice of each one.

You can read it online or download it in various formats.

(Don’t skip the deleted scenes in the Appendix! I particularly like the one with Leela and the Valeyard, which I would have been happy to see left in.)

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