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Open Source Government

Kevin Carson is working on a fourth book! What he stresses is “a very rough draft” is available online here; it looks fascinating, as usual. Death Star expolosion Its topic is “the potential for networked organization to constrain the exercise of power by large, hierarchical institutions in a way that once required the countervailing power of other large, hierarchical institutions.”

(I guess releasing ongoing drafts of a work on open source is a way of achieving unity of medium and message.)

Relative Dimensions, Part 2

Here’s the latest trailer for Doctor Who Series 6 (a.k.a. Season 32):


Here’s a mini-prequel to the first episode (featuring the inadvertently ironic line “there are no monsters in the Oval Office”):


Bit of an “Empty Child” vibe there ….

And for anyone who missed it the first time, here’s the earlier Series 6 trailer from a few months back:


Yup, this looks promising ….

FMAC in Odd Places

Terry Arthur

From Terry Arthur’s excellent talk at the PCPE (online at the Adam Smith Institute – Kevin will appreciate the irony, though I should note that Arthur’s actual affiliation is the IEA, not the ASI), noting how the practice of taxing transactions between firms but not within firms tends to encourage the latter at the expense of the former:

Without the tax wedge, the greater division of labour would allow more contracting out to take place, the average size of firm would be smaller, and the number of businesses would be larger. … Perhaps anti-capitalism protesters against giant global companies … should focus on campaigning for lower taxes as a means to promote smaller firms.

This last was obviously intended tongue-in-cheek; Arthur was surprised to learn that what he was imagining was quite real.


The old link is dead. Long live the new link.

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