Archive | March 9, 2011

Cordial and Sanguine

Ever done an image search on "bleeding heart"?  Mostly pretty repulsive.

I’ve been asked to join a new blog called Bleeding Heart Libertarians, which my friend Matt Zwolinski describes in his inaugural post as a “forum for academic philosophers who are attracted both to libertarianism and to ideals of social or distributive justice” (which defines a fairly wide tent). About half the participants are old friends of mine from IHS days.

The blog’s getting some attention in the blogosphere, thanks to plugs from Will Wilkinson, Tyler Cowen, and Andrew Sullivan. (The latter says: “The gulf between the Obama administration’s campaign rhetoric and governing record on civil liberties shows that building the left-libertarian alliance is more important than ever.”)

My first post is now up: Whence I Advene.

Who When

Trust Your Doctor

The date for the American premiere of series 6 (a.k.a. season 32) of Doctor Who has been revealed: April 23rd.

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