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The next time you hear someone say, “It’s disrespectful to the victims of 9/11 to build near Ground Zero a monument to the religious ideas that motivated their murder,” tell them: “Darn right, we shouldn’t have any mosques or churches or synagogues in the area – it’s an insult to those victims of monotheist ideology.”

This is Your Brain on Stateless News

Center for a Stateless Society

Some C4SS-related items worth checking out: [Note that this does not mean that other C4SS-related items not listed here are not worth checking out!]

Please support the Center’s work if you can. $5 here and $10 there can be a lifesaver.

Dinner With the Doctor

I know some of my readers regard even idle speculation as spoilerrific, so …


Doctor and Amy

Neil Gaiman is writing an episode for next season’s Doctor Who. (Yay!)

He’s had to cut over ten pages out of it. (Boo!)

He’s posted online a bit of dialogue that was cut. (Yay!)

Gaiman says this is spoiler-free, since it “tells you absolutely nothing about the story except that it now doesn’t have a scene with a bowl of food in it.” But of course that’s not quite true. We can infer, at least, that there are non-humanoid aliens in the story (since Amy would be unlikely to exclude humanoid aliens from the category of “people”), and that they are on sufficiently good terms with our protagonists to offer them food. (Of course prisoners get fed, so that doesn’t tell us all that much. The reference to “background radiation” makes me think of Daleks, but I can’t imagine Dalek cuisine being yummy even by Gallifreyan standards, and besides I somehow don’t expect a Dalek episode from Gaiman.)

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