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  1. John Higgins July 25, 2009 at 5:15 pm #

    I’ve met so many beautiful girls that have, you know, talent and brains, that I have to wonder why Hollywood sticks with bimbos and “it” girls rather than trying to do what most people would call “a good job.”

  2. Tracy Saboe July 26, 2009 at 10:11 am #

    Just because Fox does, “Hot Chick” in transformers well, doesn’t mean she can’t do serious.

    • Roderick July 26, 2009 at 12:05 pm #

      I’m not sure what you mean by her doing “Hot Chick” well in Transformers. Did she look attractive? Sure. But her acting, or lack of it, was agonisingly painful.

      • Tracy Saboe July 29, 2009 at 7:39 pm #

        I’ve just read a couple interviews with her, where she’s said she realizes that the Johna Hex role is a much more serious roll. She even admitted she didn’t think she deserved it, but that she would work real hard to make sure the directors faith wasn’t misplaced. To me that shows a certain level of humility, lacking in most of Hollywood. She’ll do her best.

        I guess it remains to be seen whether her best is good enough, but based on her current attitude I remain optimistic.

        FYI, she’s also doing Michael Turner’s (RIP) Fathom, that was originally published by Top Cow, and then moved to Aspen when Turner created his own company. She’s a huge fan of Fathom, and was an avid collector way before the Fathom movie was announced.

        My point is, she’s going to understand the genre better then a typical holly wood actor.

        I’ll agree that the acting by both leads in Transformers was a bit lame. But I think that’s more the director. Transformers was a special effects driven movie, and I think it’s possible the director didn’t care so much about acting quality. Like a director will care about in a character driven movie like Jonah Hex.


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