Atlas Shrugged  Movie Update #96895

Charlize TheronInstead of a movie version with Angelina Jolie, Atlas Shrugged might be getting a miniseries with Charlize Theron. (CHT Angela Pham by way of James Tuttle.)

On the whole I think this is good news. Theron isn’t quite my vision of Dagny, but neither was Jolie; and although I’d love to see Rand’s surreal vision unfolding on the big screen, unless it’s filmed as a trilogy LOTR-style, it’s probably better to do it in a format that allows more of the story and characters to be presented. (The report says that Theron is “eager to play the role” and favours a miniseries out of concern that “a feature would lose many of the nuances of the monster-sized novel.”) Plus, if it succeeds as a miniseries we might always see a big-screen version further down the road.

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  1. Bob Kaercher July 27, 2009 at 2:49 pm #

    “Theron isn’t quite my vision of Dagny, but neither was Jolie…”

    Theron is a much better actor than Jolie, IMO. Theron has more craft and skill, whereas Jolie has always struck me as fairly superficial. Though I didn’t care much for the movie overall, Theron’s performance in “Monster” was pretty amazing.

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