Archive | March 29, 2009

Inadvertent Libel

Headline just seen on Google news: “Nurse also among those who killed at nursing home in Carthage.”

Turns out, as I suspected, that the headline needs either to gain a “were” or to lose a “who.”

The Evil Dead

Recent changes in my blog (necessitated by the fact that the .net version wasn’t updating) unfortunately make all links to into dead links; only works at the moment. Well, not dead exactly – but links to anything on just go directly to the main page. Alas, when I got this blog it was the .net version of the address that I distributed far and wide (I think that’s why my posts haven’t been showing up at lately, for example). So if you’ve got links or RSS feeds pointing to the .net version of this blog, you might want to change them to .com.

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