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“We Need Better People In Power!”

How do you avoid this kind of nightmare scenario?

The Dallas Police Chief’s only answer was “to hire people with common sense and good people skills.”

No. The answer is to restore equality of rights between police officers and ordinary people. As long as one group of people has rights another group doesn’t, there’s no way to ensure reliable safeguards against the first group’s abusive treatment of the second.

S.D. & N.O. Trip Pics

I never blogged about my trip to San Diego two months ago, but I did take lots of photos with my new digital camera. You can see them here. (Warning: unless you have a spiffy-fast connection these pages take a long time to load.)


You can also see a pic from my trip to New Orleans last spring (I’m at the New Orleans Zoo) that a friend made into a birthday card to me – here. (And yes, the sign really said that.)

Thomas Knapp named News Analyst at C4SS


Veteran libertarian activist and internet news publisher becomes second C4SS paid staff member.

AUBURN, ALABAMA – March 20, 2009 – Center for a Stateless Society – Prominent libertarian activist and news publisher Thomas Knapp has joined the Center for a Stateless Society as the Center’s second paid part-time staff member. In his role as News Analyst beginning April 1st, 2009, Knapp will be producing one or more op-ed pieces per week as well as mentoring volunteer contributing writers.

Tom KnappKnapp has long been associated with “the libertarian wing of the Libertarian Party” and is the founder of its breakaway ultra-faction, the Boston Tea Party. As well as being a prolific blogger on the side, Knapp brings over a decades experience with online news writing, editing, publishing and team leadership; first for the former Free-Market.Net and later for his own publication, Rational Review. He is author of the e-book “Writing the Libertarian Op-Ed,” among other works.

C4SS Director Brad Spangler said of the move “Knapp was the logical choice for the position. His continuing editorship of Rational Review News Digest immerses him in the news cycle so thoroughly that it can only be likened to a fish in water. This is the man who produces the daily crib notes for an entire eco-system of libertarian online content producers. His wealth of experience means he is uniquely suited to explain to the general public how libertarian principles, consistently applied, reach beyond the inconsistent market liberalism of figures like U.S. Congressman Ron Paul into full-blown market anarchism. We’re very pleased to announce Tom is joining the Center.”


The mission of the Molinari Institute is to promote understanding of the philosophy of Market Anarchism as a sane, consensual alternative to the hypertrophic violence of the State. The Institute takes its name from Gustave de Molinari (1819-1912), originator of the theory of Market Anarchism. The Center for a Stateless Society is the Molinari Institute’s media center.

Brad Spangler
Center for a Stateless Society

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