Obama Does Stand-Up

Earlier tonight I saw a replay of an interview with Obama from two years ago. Obama was explaining the difference between the Democratic and Republican parties. The Republicans, he said, were adherents of an absolutist laissez-faire ideology and thought government should have no role in the economy. The Democrats, on the other hand, agreed with FDR that we all have obligations to one another in society.

Obama’s excellent comedy stylings inspired me to post the following:

DEMOCRATIC IDEOLOGY - I'm not clubbing this poor guy! I'm really clubbing some rich guy somewhere else! REPUBLICAN IDEOLOGY - I'm not clubbing this poor guy! I never club anybody! I don't even own a club!


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  1. DennisV January 18, 2009 at 6:38 pm #

    Hail from Greece!

    “absolutist laissez-faire” (I hope Rothbard’s ghost will haunt the white house for such a blasphemy! If Republicans are laissez-faire ANYONE can be laissez-faire (even Putin!) 1 point “plausible lies”)…

    “thought government should have no role in the economy”
    (Except from subsidies in monopolic firms, central banking, bailouts, “spend, spend, spend” policies etc.,etc., Republicans are the archetypical laisser-faire insensitive party. 2 points minus “plausible lies + hypocrisy”, for hiding the role of Democrats in the spread of neoliberalism”

    “we all have obligations to one another in society”. He cleverly avoided criticizing the free market (1 minus for “abstract speech)…

    Plus 2 point minus for the whole “we-know-better” “Jesus-Christ-pose” paternalistic/maternalistic mentality…

    Minus 5 points for the whole Hollywood “liberalism” stuff (who would expect that the cons would come true with their silly newspeak?) (Hollywood SUCKS)

    Obama: -1/10.


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