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Anarchy in Philadelphia, Part 3

Now up, in addition, are comments from Chris Morris and Will Thomas, plus an additional comment from me.

(By the way, my own answer to Will’s question, in effect, is on p. 140 of my anthology chapter.)

The Molinari Symposium will be held in Independence Meeting Room II. (The APA program supplement says “Independence Ballroom II” but there is no such animal; the Independence Meeting Rooms are next to the Liberty Ballroom.)

Independence Meeting Room II is hard to find because it’s actually across the street (via skybridge) from the main hotel, in something called the “Deluxe Tower” (or, less glamorously, the “3rd Floor Annex”).

How to find Independence Meeting Room II: from the hotel lobby (1st floor), take the escalator (not the elevator) to the 3rd floor. (It goes directly from 1st to 3rd; I’m not sure there even is a 2nd floor.) Follow the signs that say “Deluxe Tower” or “Bridge to Convention Center.” Cross the skybridge; at the other end you’ll see an arrow pointing left saying “Convention Center” and an arrow pointing right saying “Marriott”; go right.

Can’t Touch This

OK, everyone do what I say or I'm totally dropping this thingDo you remember Colin Powell waving that tube of anthrax around at the U.N.? Or Bush Sr.’s speech where he brandished his bag of crack cocaine that was sold right across the street from the White House (once government agents managed, with some difficulty, to lure the seller there)?

Gee, why weren’t Bush and Powell arrested?

A useful talking point: all laws against the mere possession of certain objects (guns, drugs, pornography, etc.) are a violation of human equality, because they inherently apply only to some people and not others (since the others – the government – have to retain possession of these items after they confiscate them, in order to use them as evidence against the original possessors).

Anarchy in Philadelphia

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Jan Narveson’s response to Nicole Hassoun’s comments is now online.

Here’s the final roster for the Molinari Society’s upcoming fifth annual Symposium being held in conjunction with the Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Association in Philadelphia, December 27-30, 2008:

GIX-3. Monday, 29 December 2008, 1:30-4:30 p.m.
Molinari Society symposium: Authors Meet Critics:
Crispin Sartwell’s Against the State: An Introduction to Anarchist Political Theory and
Roderick T. Long and Tibor R. Machan, eds., Anarchism/Minarchism: Is a Government Part of a Free Country?

Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, 1201 Market Street, Room TBA


Chair: Carrie-Ann Biondi (Marymount Manhattan College)

Jennifer McKitrick (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Christopher Morris (University of Maryland)
Nicole Hassoun (Carnegie Mellon University)

John Hasnas (Georgetown University)
Charles Johnson (Molinari Institute)
Roderick T. Long (Auburn University)
Jan Narveson (University of Waterloo-Canada)
Crispin Sartwell (Dickinson College)
William Thomas (Atlas Society)

The APA, ever vigilant against the menace of free riders (and, I suspect, grossly overestimating the inelasticity of demand for APA sessions) isn’t
revealing the location of the session until we pick up our final programs at registration. But I’ll try to post the info as soon as I learn it.

The Mask of Anarky

Robin 181
The latest issue (#181) of Robin features the return of Anarky – sort of.

At first I was annoyed, since Anarky seemed to be blowing stuff up pointlessly – “chaos for fun.”

But it soon transpired that the guy wearing the Anarky outfit is actually the Batman villain Ulysses Armstrong, who seems to have the real Anarky – Lonnie Machin – imprisoned and on life support (and looking in pretty bad shape). What all that’s about remains to be seen.

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