Archive | November 25, 2008

Happy Trailers To You

Cylon/Spock There’s a new preview up of Galactica’s final season.

There’s also a new version of the recent Star Trek trailer. This one’s almost exactly the same as the previous one, except the scene order is a bit different and it has Nimoy in it. (Prepare for glacial loading slowness.)

Keith Preston Hopefully Not Victorious

left-libertarianism means pledging allegiance to Karl Marx Keith Preston, whose prize-winning essay on plutocracy occasioned some heated exchanges in this space a month ago, likes the economic aspects of left-libertarianism but isn’t so jazzed about the cultural aspects, at least in the version advocated by Charles Johnson and myself.

Keith’s newest essay “Should Libertarianism Be Cultural Leftism Without the State?” criticises our perspective.

I don’t have time to respond right now, but will soon (though I suspect my reply will mostly be refritos of stuff I’ve said before).

Cato Institute Publishes Leftist Screed!, Pars Quarta

Cato Institute building with Alliance of the Libertarian Left logo superimposedNow up at Cato Unbound: my latest response to Yglesias and Baker, Horwitz’s latest response to Yglesias, and most recently my response to Peter Klein, Will Wilkinson, and J. H. Huebert and Walter Block.

Charles Johnson also has a reply to Walter and Huebert up; I sent in my response before I saw Charles’s, but we ended up making similar points.

I hope Yglesias responds before things wind up; he’s only spoken twice so far.

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