Archive | August 11, 2008

Contrary to Fact

WHAT IF issue 7 First we were told: if Edwards had been the nominee when his affair was revealed, it would have handed the election to McCain!

Now we’re being told: if Edwards’ affair had been revealed a few months ago, it might have caused the nomination to go to Clinton instead of Obama!

In other words: we’re being subjected to this story 24/7 because there are circumstances, different from those actually obtaining, in which it would have been an important story.

Should I send Spock a beard trimmer?

Closet Case

I was reminded today, by a friend, of Ray Bradbury’s haunting, chilling short-short story “All Summer in a Day.” I find it a good deal more powerful than “Nightfall,” Isaac Asimov’s noisier and more celebrated treatment of a similar situation.  But then, Bradbury vs. Asimov isn’t really a fair fight.  (No diss to Asimov – the wisest of men is as an ape before the god.)

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