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Anarchist Anthology Advenes Auspiciously

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A nice birthday present came in the mail today: my anthology with Tibor, Anarchism/Minarchism: Is a Government Part of a Free Country?, hot off the presses. It looks very nice. (Well, at 40¢ a page, it’d better!)

The book features contributions from a variety of philosophical perspectives within libertarianism, including consequentialist, deontological, contractarian, Randian, and Hayekian approaches.

The contents:


1. Why the State Needs a JustificationLester H. Hunt

2. Libertarianism, Limited Government and AnarchyJohn Roger Lee

3. Rationality, History, and Inductive PoliticsAdam ReedAnarchism/Minarchism

4. Objectivism against AnarchyWilliam R Thomas

5. Reconciling Anarchism and MinarchismTibor R. Machan


6. Radical Freedom and Social LivingAeon James Skoble

7. The State: From Minarchy to AnarchyJan Narveson

8. The Obviousness of AnarchyJohn Hasnas

9. Market Anarchism as ConstitutionalismRoderick T. Long

10. Liberty, Equality, Solidarity: Toward a Dialectical AnarchismCharles Johnson

It strikes me that four of the ten contributors have some connection to the Auburn Philosophy Department. Tibor and I are Professor Emeritus and Associate Professor, respectively; Aeon was an Instructor here in 1993-1994; and Charles was an undergrad philosophy major here, graduating in 2003.

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