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Vigil Injustus Non Est Vigil

Socrates held that no one counts a genuine judge unless he judges justly. He also held, as did Augustine, Aquinas, and Spooner, that no law counts as a genuine law unless it too is just.

Barney and Andy A 75-year-old Florida grandmother has now found her way to the same idea. Asked why she didn’t “respect” a police officer’s demand that she move her car away from the spot where she had been told (by the owners of the parking space) to park it – a lack of respect that led to her being handcuffed and her car impounded – she explained: I guess I felt he wasn’t a police officer; he wasn’t there to help me, he was there to be mean to me.

The Radiance that Streams Immortally from the Door of the Law

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$500 and change will buy you a copy of this massive treatise in which two of my articles on Greek philosophy of law appear.

DiogenesOr you can read them online for free here:

Socrates and Socratic Philosophers of Law

Hellenistic Philosophers of Law

Two caveats:

1. The first article is co-authored with R. F. Stalley, whose take on these matters is quite different from mine. He wrote essentially all the material on Socrates (with the exception of the paragraph beginning “A somewhat different solution,” which is mine) while I wrote essentially all the material on Xenophon, the Cynics, and the Cyrenaics. He’s not responsible for what I say about the Socratics, and I’m not responsible for what he says about Socrates.

2. I did not (to the best of my possibly imperfect recollection) sign any copyright agreement forbidding me to post these articles, so I’ll assume I’m free to do so unless I hear otherwise. But it’s always possible that the publisher will make me take them down; so read them now while you can.

The Empire Rises Again

You may have noticed an error message when trying to reach my blog these past several days. Yahoo assured me that they were trying to fix the problem. It seems they have – for the moment, knock on wood, and all that.

I was unable to cross-post here my recent L&P post Strangers on a Train, but here it is now:

Charles Johnson had a good post the other day questioning the extent to which anarchists and minarchists are really “on the same train”; he has an even better follow-up now. I note especially his comparison of the track records of electoral versus counter-economic means in combating immigration controls.

(I would link to his post from my own blog as well, but it’s not there right now, and hasn’t been for a couple of days. Yahoo tells me they’re “investigating the problem.”)

Check out also a discussion of the meaning of “war criminal” in the comments section of another L&P post.

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