Archive | January 13, 2008

Formula for TERROR!

I was fan of the Phantom Stranger comics back in the 70s, but I never read the very earliest issues until I got the recent anthology.

Here’s what those earliest issues turn out to be like:

Phantom Stranger parody

Don’t worry, it got better.

How I Became a Republican

I’ve joined a group blog called Public Reason; it’s for professional political philosophers and is mostly limited topic-wise to such matters as “check out this upcoming conference,” “check out my new working paper,” and “hey, what’s a good way to explain Fichte to an intro class?” So it’s not a high-volume blog – but if you’re in the profession you might want to get involved.

To oversimplify somewhat, it’s set up so that profs can post and comment, grad students can only comment, and everybody else can just read the wisdom of the first two groups. So it’s kinda like Plato’s Republic.

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