Archive | January 10, 2008

The Logick of Kings

Huckabee in tonight’s debate:

They have a saying in the Air Force: If you’re not catching flak, you’re not over the target. Well, I’m catching the flak, so I must be over the target.

Isn’t there some sort of term for this?

Libertarian Tag

William Gillis has tagged me with the question: What motivated you to start looking into Anarchist/Libertarian thought?

anarchist bottle delivery I’ve got a long version here, but the short version is: as a 15-year-old science fiction fan I read an article on “The Science Fiction of Ayn Rand” in the May 1979 Starlog; this led me to Ayn Rand’s novels, which led me to her nonfiction, which led me to read people she cited, and then to people they cited, and so on; hence I was soon reading Murray Rothbard, Isabel Paterson, David Friedman, etc. I resisted anarchism for an embarrassingly long time – but I was gradually growing more radical, thanks to my reading, to the influence of the Institute for Humane Studies (including such lecturers as Randy Barnett and Don Lavoie), and to events like the first Gulf War. On May 12, 1991, I decided I had finally become an anarchist.

I hereby tag everybody.

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