Archive | January 23, 2008

Rights, Racism, and Responsibility

[cross-posted at Liberty & Power]

Several people have asked for copies of my working papers “Why Libertarians Believe There Is Only One Right,” “The Racist Syndrome: Sartre, Rand, and the Will to Concreteness,” and “Stakeholder Theory for Libertarians: A Rothbardian Defense of Corporate Social Responsibility,” so I’ve decided to post them online.

Ayn Rand and Jean-Paul Sartre These drafts were written a few years back (I actually started the stakeholder one in 1997 – prompted by my first reading of Friedman on this topic in preparation for teaching my first business ethics class when I came to Auburn) and I suspect I’ll want to word things differently when I return to revising them, but in the meantime here they are.

Caucasian Wingnut

According to a quick Google search, this is an actual tree name and not a joke. Still, feel free to insert your own punchline.

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