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So Carrie Fisher’s daughter Billie Lourd is reportedly being cast as a young Princess Leia in Star Wars VII. There’s been no official confirmation of this yet AFAIK; and always in motion is the future.

Carrie Fisher, left; Billie Lourd, right

But suppose it’s true. That probably implies a flashback. (I say “probably” because it could always be a holo-recording or something.) So the question is: why do the makers of this film want to include a flashback, and in particular one focusing on Leia? I offer a hypothesis.

Of all the Star Wars characters who are a) extremely popular, and b) not still alive in this movie, which would audiences most like to see in a flashback? Surely the answer is: Darth Vader. A Star Wars geek like Abrams would presumably love to direct a scene with Vader; and the suits at Disney would doubtless love to see Vader using his money-attracting powers in their new film. Hence the attraction of a flashback in a series that has not heretofore been big on flashbacks.

So where does Leia come in? Well, in the original movie when we first see Vader confronting Leia, he says, “You weren’t on any mercy mission this time,” implying a previous interaction. (A 1981 Star Wars radio-play even dramatises that previous interaction.) Might Abrams’ flashback be to that purported “mercy mission”?

“Plotting to overthrow the government, young lady? You are grounded!”
“But Daaad …”

If so, it’s possible that Tarkin will be in it too, since Leia’s words “I should have expected to find you holding Vader’s leash; I recognized your foul stench when I was brought onboard” suggest both that she’d met Tarkin before and that he’d been in Vader’s company when she did.

Why, diegetically, might there be a flashback in Ep. VII? Perhaps as part of some Jedi meditation trance on Leia’s part. (And if they want to have a meditation flashback for Luke too, well, Abrams can always just clean up and enhance the deleted Tatooine scenes from Ep. IV. Maybe Koo Stark will finally have her Star Wars moment on the big screen!)

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iRad I.4 in Print, iRad I.3 Online

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For various reasons (well, mainly money), the fourth issue of the Molinari Institute’s left-libertarian publication The Industrial Radical has been delayed for nearly a year; but today it is finally at the printer. Issue I.4 features articles by William Anderson, B-psycho, Jason Byas, Kevin Carson, Nathan Goodman, Irfan Khawaja, Tom Knapp, Smári McCarthy, Grant Mincy, Anna Morgenstern, Sheldon Richman, Amir Taaki, Mattheus von Guttenberg, Darian Worden, and your humble correspondent, on topics ranging from the Manning / Snowden whistleblower cases, the protests in Brazil, deference to authority, America’s foreign policy morass, Obama’s war on the environment, and the myth of 19th-century laissez-faire to alternative currencies, identity politics and intersectionality, abortion opponents as rape apologists, the Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman case, the inside scoop on PorcFest, and why anarcho-capitalism cannot be a form of capitalism.

Issue 2.1 will follow soon thereafter, and we’ll be on an accelerated schedule until we’re caught up.

With each new issue published, we post the immediately preceding issue online. Hence a free pdf file of our third issue (Spring 2013) is now available here. (See the first and second issues also.)

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