Captains Courageous

On the left is the first DC comic I ever bought. On the right is the first Marvel comic I ever bought.

Two Captain Marvels

Trying to detect a pattern here ….

So Dark the Disappointment of Man

The Eiffel Tower and the Louvre are the two most disappointing tourist destinations in the world, according to this poll.

I can see why the reportedly glacially slow process of ascending the Tower might detract from some tourists’ enjoyment, though I don’t think it would from mine (I’ve been to it but not yet up it).

Louvre galleryBut the Louvre? How could anyone possibly be disappointed by the Louvre?

My guess? These tourists march in to see the Mona Lisa, find a smaller-than-expected painting behind plexiglass and obscured by a clot of viewers, are disappointed by that, and march out without seeing much else.

Hello, I Must Be Going

I’m back from Poland and Michigan – but classes have just started, so more on my adventures later.

In the meantime, congratulations to Kevin Carson for his article in The Freeman – certainly an important milestone for left/libertarian reunification!

Polish Express

Krakow Today I finished up my lectures for Mises University. Tomorrow morning I head off to Poland for the IVR conference in Krakow to present a paper on Lysander Spooner – the same paper I plan to present at the Molinari Society meeting in December. Then, after Krakow, I head to Holland – Holland, Michigan, that is – for a Liberty Fund conference. So I’ll be incommunibloggo for a while.

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