Archive | May 7, 2019

Vernal Venturings, Part Tři

A few afterthoughts:

a) Re my San Diego trip, I forgot to mention that I also had lunch at Coasterra (great waterside views), and revisited the mountain town of Julian (see my driving directions).

b) Back in San Diego, I also revisited Captain Fitch’s Mercantile, a bookstore in Old Town. Sadly, it’s become less interesting (to me, anyway). On my visit last year, they had shelves and shelves of Dover classics on history and mythology, and I bought several. But now, while they still have plenty of Dover, it’s mostly just children’s books.

c) In Prague I revisited another bookstore, Kanzelsberger on Wenceslas Square, but that was a little disappointing too. On my previous visit their English-language section had lots of books by Čapek, Kafka, and Hašek. On this trip they still had plenty of Kafka, but no Čapek or Hašek. I did pick up Bohumil Hrabal’s Closely Watched Trains, Umberto Eco’s Numero Zero, and a new translation of Hans Fallada’s Little Man, What Now?, though. (I read the first two at cafés in Prague and am just finishing the third now.)

d) One of the most distinctive features of Prague is the various black and white tile patterns that adorn the sidewalks. You can get a good look at them in backgrounds in the first half of this video:

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