Archive | May 3, 2019

Vernal Venturings, Part Dva

In my previous post on my recent peregrinations, I neglected to mention that while in New Orleans I also visited the Barataria Nature Preserve (a boardwalk through a swamp with alligators sunning themselves along the path).

In San Diego I hung out with my good friend Gary Chartier. On my last day I had lunch at Bali Hai, a childhood favourite I hadn’t revisited since the 1970s.

Prague was delightful as always. I realise it’s the first European city I’ve been to four times. Had dinner with a bunch of the CEVRO students at Gruzie, a cool underground Georgian restaurant. Met some Molinari/C4SS fans.

On this trip I visited some Prague locales I hadn’t had a chance to on previous visits: the Jewish Cemetery (the old one in Josefov, not the somewhat newer one in Žižkov with Kafka’s grave, which I’d visited previously) (I’d also visited Čapek’s grave in Vyšehrad on a previous trip) (and Hašek isn’t buried in Prague) and Pinkas Synagogue, the Cubist Museum (can you believe two of the leading Czech cubists were named Kupka and Kubišta?), the art nouveau Obecní Dům café, and the Petřin Lookout Tower and oddly charming Mirror Maze.

Dying of Stupidity

I just watched the second-season finale of Star Trek: Discovery, and …


… it seems to me that a major character’s death could easily have been avoided if they’d just figured out a way to pull that handle down remotely. Which with all their high tech should have been easy; just send in a drone or something.

But if the tech was lacking, all they’d really need is a rope (to pull the handle from outside the room) and a knife (to cut the rope so it wouldn’t jam the door as it closed).

(For that matter, if they said the transporter was offline, I missed it. Pulling the handle and then beaming out would have been another solution.)

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