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Hell Is For Children

The New York State report found students as young as nine years old subjected to sudden, painful, repeated electric shocks for ‘refusing to follow staff directions’, ‘failing to maintain a neat appearance’, “stopping work for more than ten seconds”, “getting out of seat”, “interrupting others”, “nagging”, ‘swearing’, ‘whispering’ and ‘slouching in chair’, and ‘‘moving conversation away from staff”. …

“These devices are much stronger than police stun guns (1-4 milliamps),” says Gregory Miller, former teacher at JRC. … In McCollins’ case, school staff used the powerfully painful electric shock device (45 – 91 milliamps, at 66 volts) on McCollins over the course of seven hours for not taking off his coat in class. After his “therapy” was over, McCollins was admitted to a nearby children’s hospital ….


In Hoc Signo Vinces

Constantine seeing the signum

From Christian News Wire. (CHT Bruce Majors; be sure to read the whole thing.)

A Cross made from the Cross carried Around the World on foot by Arthur Blessitt (319 nations, island groups and territories almost 40,000 miles) Is ‘Now Orbiting The Earth’! The Cross went up on the SpaceX Falcon 9 Dragon Spacecraft. Celestis was the launch company.

The Celestis canister with the Cross was carried as a secondary payload on the Falcon 9’s second stage & is not on the Dragon. The cross in space is expected to remain in orbit for a year or more.

In other words, it was discarded and left to fall to earth in flames?

The Cross was carried Around the Earth on foot and Now the is Cross Flying Around this Earth over Washington DC, Saudi Arabia, Jerusalem, Asia, Australia etc.

I’m having trouble picturing the shape of this orbit. I think Isaac Newton might be puzzled too.

The cross is passing over you where ever you are.

Okay, that doesn’t help with the orbit thing.

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