Drome Without a Home

What should these things be called? They’re not palindromes, but they’re like palindromes’ second cousins or something. “Homodrome” and “isodrome” are already taken (and the latter is prohibited in the u.s. navy).

Got each? Go teach!

Daredevil dared evil.

He rode her ode.

We tore wet ore.

We stole or ate west oleo rate.

Heh! Ate slime? She hates limes.

I slam Islam.

Pan Iceland? Panic, eland!

I cede land, iced eland.

I’m Ethan, I met Han.

A mint, I bet! I am in Tibet, I.

I’m a keg or Ewan, I make gore wan.

I smile, saw a yam. It is Sue, is miles away. Am I tissue?

Hi, sexy! Our attack: you tart! His ex? You rat! Tacky! Out, art!

Who wants some, and war? Four odes saw how ants so mean, dwarf – our Odessa!

He won’t woo Xena. Llamas, sheep, I sod. I call, yearn: shit! She won two oxen, all a mass. He episodically earns hits.

Ow! All a blur! Bok choy, our Eden. N.Y.C., Apis, Ceres! O lute, O wall, a blurb: OK, Cho? You’re Denny, capisce? Resolute!

2 Responses to Drome Without a Home

  1. Sprudlum March 18, 2012 at 8:36 pm #

    If you can play around with letters and call it “anagram”, then this must be “anadrome”.

  2. Robert Hutchinson March 18, 2012 at 11:55 pm #

    In the National Puzzlers’ League, this construction is called a heteronym. Well, technically, one after the other making a single phrase would be a welded heteronym.

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