Archive | July 25, 2011

Keep Warm, Part 2

The Third Doctor

I’ve previously mentioned the Adventures With the Wife in Space blog series, in which a couple – one a fan, one not – work their way through every Doctor Who episode from 1963 on.

Another blog series that’s doing the same thing in a very different way is Philip Sandifer’s TARDIS Eruditorum. (CHT Jesse Walker.) Sandifer’s series takes a cultural-studies approach, and situates each episode in its historical context (though usually with a title drawn from a later era); he’s one season into the Pertwee era now. As with “Adventures,” I’ve gone back and read the whole series from the beginning; I don’t always agree with him, but what he has to say is generally fascinating in any case.

Incidentally, I don’t know why my comments on his blog keep coming out as being by someone named “7a1abfde-af0e-11e0-b72c-000bcdcb5194.” “Blon Fel Fotch Pasameer-Day Slitheen” would be simple by comparison.

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