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A River Runs Through it

The Egyptian government’s ability to cut its subjects off from the internet is the bad news. But the good news is that modern economies are so intertwined with the internet that states can’t afford to suppress it for long without wrecking their own source of revenue. More here. And here.

How Roger Pilon Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Empire

Roger Pilon

Bradley Manning and Julian Assange should be treated like a thief and a fence respectively, because our rulers need to conspire secretly with each other, and it would be gauche for the rabble to inquire into the doings of their betters. Thus speaks the director of Cato’s Center for Constitutional [sic] Studies. (CHT Walter Grinder and Stephan Kinsella.)

By the way, a special prize to anyone who can figure out how to make sense of the word “duplicity” in Pilon’s final paragraph.

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