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A Slightly Less Unknown Ideal

The newest (March 2011) issue of The American Conservative features an article by Sheldon Richman titled “Libertarian Left: Free-Market Anti-Capitalism, the Unknown Ideal.” It discusses, inter alia, the Center for a Stateless Society, the Alliance of the Libertarian Left, Murray Rothbard, Ayn Rand, Roy Childs, Karl Hess, Thomas Hodgskin, Benjamin Tucker, Gabriel Kolko, Kevin Carson, Gary Chartier, William Gillis, and your humble correspondent. It’s a great piece to use to introduce left-libertarian ideas to the neophyte. (It’s currently available online only to subscribers, alas.)

Boston Anarchist Thinking Brigade, Part 4

The Molinari Society panels that were cancelled in Boston owing to weather have been resurrected! The spontaneous order panel is moving to the Austrian Scholars Conference (March 10-12 in Auburn), while the session on Gary Chartier’s book is moving to the Pacific APA (April 20-23 in San Diego). Thanks to Charles J. for suggesting I ask.

More details later. This has been an unusually hectic week for me: first a Liberty Fund in La Jolla last weekend, then a philosophy panel in Auburn, and right now I’m at an IHS gig in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Später, gator.

Anarchy on the Airwaves, Part 2

There's no government like no government

Lew Rockwell interviews me on today’s LRC podcast, on the subject of anarchism. (Actually the interview took place last September; there’s a bit of a podcast backlog.) I tried to avoid too much duplication with my previous LRC podcast on the same subject from two years earlier. (I vaguely remember now that we also did one on taxation two years ago but I don’t think that one ever aired.)

The Atrocity of Hope, Part 10: Selective Grief

Congratulations, Pakistani children!  You too can sacrifice.

Obama’s remarks about the nine-year-old girl who was murdered in Tucson were very moving.*

I look forward to his equally moving encomium to the Afghan and Pakistani children murdered by his air strikes and drone attacks.


* Well, actually they were somewhat insulting, inasmuch as he suggested that her future, had she lived, would or should have been devoted to organised crime. But apart from that they were nice.

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