Six Hours of Your Life That You’ll Never Get Back


Today commemorates the day that thousands lost their lives during the six hours after an end to World War I had been officially agreed to through negotiation, because the powers that be wanted the symbolism of ending the war at 11:00 on 11/11 (hell, why not 11:11 on 11/11?); see World War I: Wasted Lives on Armistice Day. (CHT Jesse Walker.)

Of course, the lives that were lost in World War I before Armistice Day were pretty much wasted too; but at least it was pretended (on both sides) that those lives were lost in the service of some cause of great significance – democracy, or Kultur, or an end to all further war. By contrast, on Armistice Day the pointlessness of all the mass slaughter, along with the attitude of the powerful to those under their control, was revealed without disguise, in all its naked unloveliness. Happy Armistice Day.

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  1. EYEAM4ANARCHY - November 11, 2009

    2738 Soldiers Died On the Final Day of the First World War So That the Time and Date of the Armistice Would Look Really Cool…

    Today is Veteran’s Day, which of course originates from the anniversary of the day the Armistice that ended the fighting during World War I was signed. One of the things you hear constantly during the……

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