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Pop Star

SPOILER ALERT for anyone who still hasn’t watched the last few episodes of Galactica:

I can’t believe I missed this connection before, but the scene toward the end of season 4 where Starbuck is sitting next to a mysterious stranger who may or may not be her father actually has a parallel in the original series; here’s the original Starbuck sitting next to a mysterious stranger who may or may not be his father:

Daddy Starbucks

Daddy Starbucks

(And yes, that’s Fred Astaire as maybe-daddy.) Of course, the stories behind these two mystery-dads turn out to be deeply different; Astairebuck is a solid flesh-and-blood guy with no connection to the ship-of-lights folks. Still, it looks to me like this is one more homage to the original series.

Random Query

When I was in 7th grade, we used a flashy, image-rich math textbook that made such efforts to be kid-friendly that it was almost shameful; I particularly remember a section featuring a battle between “King Strong” and “Gonzilla.” Does this ring a bell with anyone?

The Trick of Singularity

terrestrial barbecue

As a global-warming agnostic – not having had the time or the inclination to study the issue closely enough to feel competent to address it – I have no particular comment or opinion on the recent leaked-email flap, so I won’t endorse this piece (CHT Ken MacLeod), but it’s certainly worth a read.

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