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I can’t watch this video (because at work I don’t have the administrative privileges I need to upgrade my player, and at home I still don’t have internet access), but it’s supposed to be Jon Stewart interviewing Jennifer Burns about her new book on Rand (so I did see it on tv the other night).


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  1. MBH October 22, 2009 at 5:38 pm #

    Why the right’s use of Rand is self-defeating:

    Jon Stewart: “She would have a totalitarian state of individualists.”

    Jon Stewart: “[Objectivism] almost sets up a hyper-society above people who can’t attain that kind of greatness.”

    Jon Stewart: “She was a[n] intellectual and considered herself as much; and that is so scorned by the more popular wing that uses her as their intellectual foundation.”

    But please, Eric Cantor, keep handing out Atlas Shrugged at tea-parties.

    I mean really, even if Rand was a good idea for the right, wouldn’t Anthem be more accessible?

    The right is hopeless.

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