Archive | September 25, 2009


To anyone wondering why I haven’t been reading and responding to blog comments as much lately as I usually do (or why I’m even farther behind on email than usual) – both my car and my home computer are currently malfunctioning, plus I’m teaching a course overload this semester, so my time on the computer is limited to a few hours caught between classes at the office. Hope to have at least some of that fixed soon.

Justice As Squareness

The Pythagoreans held that “justice is a square number.” There’s dispute about what this meant. But just in case I ever decide to write about it, I hereby lay claim to first formulation (at least I can’t find precedent on the internet) of the ideal title for any such discussion: “Justice As Squareness.”

(Note: by laying claim I don’t mean, of course, forbidding anyone else to use it. I just mean that if I do eventually decide to use it, and someone else has used it in the meantime, they won’t be able to claim that I swiped it from them.)

(Note deux: and for those wondering why this title is ideal – “Justice As Fairness” is the title or partial title of four (well, three and a half) different works by John Rawls, as well as a phrase used frequently throughout, and made famous by, his entire œuvre.)

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