1. Rad Geek People’s Daily 2008-05-26 – Goodbye’s too good a word, babe - May 26, 2008

    […] In light ofthe late unpleasantness in Denver, the pair of ridiculous small-government conservative tools nominated, and the take-one-for-the-Party creeps running the convention, who saw fit to so transparently stage-manage the process of choosing a contemptible conservative drug prohibitionist and a contemptible conservative warhawk as their party’s mouthpieces, I think that congratulations and thanks are due to Aster for pointing out the perfect reply—and all that really needs to be said, at this point. […]

  2. » Blog Archive » At least they made it easy to leave - May 26, 2008

    […] Though I was involved in electoral politics in college, I have lately been accepting the fact that the LP is not an efficient use of my time. Unfortunately since there is no larger public face for libertarianism, what the LP does still matters. But when they actually nominate two of the least libertarian potentials to run for president, that is it. It’s over and it’s not worth saving. Now begins the campaign to distinguish libertarianism from the geeky wing of conservativism. Agora! Anarchy! Action! […]

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