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Last Throes

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Brindisi column Writing of the defeat of the Byzantine forces at Brindisi in 1156, John Julius Norwich observes:

It was the same old lesson – a lesson that should by now have been self-evident, but one that the princes of medieval Europe seemed to find almost impossible to learn: that in distant lands, wherever there existed an organized native opposition, a temporary occupying force could never achieve permanent conquest. Whirlwind campaigns were easy, especially when backed by bribes and generous subsidies to the local malcontents; when, however, it became necessary to consolidate and maintain the advantage gained, no amount of gold was of any avail. … The outcome of the recent campaign – however promisingly it had begun – had not been unlucky. It had been inevitable.
(Byzantium: The Decline and Fall (NY: Knopf, 1995), pp. 115-116.)

Two Riders Approaching

Cylon on board Okay, I’ve just seen what, if true, is an absolutely insane, over-the-top set of spoilers for Battlestar Galactica’s two-part season finale.

If you are even slightly spoiler-averse you should most emphatically not, NOT, NOT click here. What is once seen cannot be unseen.

You have been warned, human.

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