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exploited dude Matt MacKenzie’s Molinari Society paper Exploitation: A Dialectical Anarchist Perspective is now online. A teaser:

[S]hould libertarians be interested in exploitation? It seems to me that, as a matter of fact, many contemporary libertarians are either relatively uninterested in or suspicious of the concept of exploitation …. [I]t often involves assumptions about politics and economics that are unacceptable from a libertarian point of view. Despite these considerations, I will answer the question in the affirmative – libertarians should be interested in exploitation. Furthermore, I will argue that an appropriately comprehensive libertarianism should recognize, 1) that there are both coercive and non-coercive forms of exploitation, 2) that state capitalist societies are pervasively exploitative, and 3) that exploitation deserves an appropriately, though not exclusively, political response.

Also check out Charles Johnson’s comments.

Lampkin’s Cat Is a Mechanical Daggit! Pass the Word!

Great! And I'm still stuck on this frakkin' sand planet. Good news for Galactica fans: the Sci-Fi Channel is extending the show’s fourth season from 13 to 22 episodes.

Moreover, a Galactica tv-movie is in the works (purportedly involving a backflash to the Pegasus, so we may hope for a reappearance of Michelle Forbes) to tide us over between the seasons.

(Conical hat tip to AICN for both points.)

In the meantime, season 3 concludes this Sunday, when we’ll find out … well, a number of things.

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